Guided Meditations

1. Passive Meditations (sitting/laying):

Here you’ll find different meditations and techniques that are practiced while sitting or laying down. Close your eyes and get ready to discover the whole Universe in silence and space. Namaste.

I’m currently working on my own recordings with guided meditations and will upload them as soon as possible. In the mean time here are some of my favourite affirmative meditations:

  • To meditate or to say “fuck it” – or to do both?: Try these meditative affirmations and let go of all the bulls*** in your life.
  • How good are your mornings? Practice gratitude to improve the start of your day with these affirmations

2. Active Meditations (with movements):

Sitting in silence doesn’t really work for you? Here you will find different meditations that allow you to move with awareness, release energy and get in touch with your body. Namaste.

Osho Meditations:

Time for a tantrum: Get rid of excessive energy with the Osho Kundalini Meditation