Happiness starts within: Heartbridges’ collection of guided meditations will help you to be present and alive, discover your true self, let go of old habits, and find the courage to follow your heart. Whether you are looking for spiritual healing in order to overcome psychological issues (such as depression, exhaustion, eating disorders or anxiety), want to find motivation to lose weight or get healthier, figure out who you are and what you need in life, or simply become more connected to yourself and your body: Meditation teacher Martina Jaussi will be by your side along the way, guide you through helpful exercises and provide answers to your questions about meditation and healing (in her writings on the blog or through personal contact).

“Meditation begins at the end of your practice.”

Happiness grows when shared: True mindfulness automatically leads to acceptance, forgiveness, and self-love. From there it is only a matter of time until we start to transfer this love to our bodies and health and then to spread it outwards – to other beings, to the whole Universe. If you are a traveller on this beautiful journey, you may find Heartbridges’ collection of tips on mindful living interesting – for better health and for a better world.


Martina is a passionate meditation teacher and writer. She has been practicing meditation and spiritual healing on her own journey for almost ten years, which is how she succesfully overcame her long-term depression and eating disorder (binge eating, sport addiction, excessive dieting). She completed two years of interreligious meditation classes at “Meditation Schweiz” in Bern, Switzerland, and is currently upgrading her education with two additional years (intense classes). Martina is experienced with mindfulness meditations, meditations in the main religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sufism [mystic Islam] and Kabbala [mystic Judaism]), chakra healing, as well as dream-analysis.

She gives private meditation lessons including spiritual counseling and works as a meditation teacher at NOW Meditation in Zürich (more details here). Martina is also a lawyer and phD student in criminal law. She lives in Biel and works in Zürich (Switzerland).


I would love to stay connected with you! Feel free to contact me on this website over the contact form or directly over my email (martina@heart-bridges.com). You’ll find me also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  I hope to hear from you soon!