Quick Fix: Use Glassbottles

As obvious as the suggestion to replace plastic bottles with glass bottles may sound to some of you, a tremendous amount of people still use plastic bottles on a regular basis – even here in Western Europe, where we have the luxury of delicious and healthy tap water. Let’s change that! Glass bottles are easily accessible, cheap and fun!

I use this simple bottle from Migros for CHF 4.50 (ca. € 3.50) that I found in my mum’s kitchen and don’t leave the house without it anymore. It keeps me hydrated and is not too heavy, since it’s only 0.5 liter:

If you like it a bit more fancy there are great bottles from the brand Chilly’s Bottles (ca. € 30) or you could support your local organic or unpacked store, they usually sell glass bottles, too.

If you live in a country where tap water is simply unfit for consumption, you could think about installing filters or buying big water despensers to reduce the amount of plastic. And by the way: If you can’t quit Pepsi and co. you could try out the good old SodaStream 🙂

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What are your thoughts? Do you use plastic or glass bottles – or both?


4 thoughts on “Quick Fix: Use Glassbottles

      1. heartbridgeswritings

        That s really one great employer!! Especially at the gym people are not willing to stop using plastic. Great inspiration Darren💛

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