Breaking Up With Plastic

My first post on the topic “sustainability” brings me straight to the issue of plastic waste. It’s no longer a secret that plastic is harmful to our environment. Surely you’ve already heard of the documentary “Plastic Ocean” on Netflix (if not – I’d recommend it) or seen all the posts on Instagram with the #zerowasteresolutions for the New Year. But are you aware of how incredibly harmful plastic really is?

We’ve produced more plastic in the last ten years than over the last century together and all the plastic we’ve ever made still exists until today due to the extremely slow decomposition of plastic (500-1’000 years; with the exception of the small amount that has been incinerated). Every year 1 million birds and 100’000 sea animals die from our plastic waste, because they confuse the relatively large parts with food. Also the smaller particles, so-called microplastic, are highly dangerous and pollute the drinking water. The list goes on and on and you can find all the information online, but to make it short: Our plastic consumption is a threat to the whole planet.

And by the way, not just the “other countries far away” are contributing to the issue: Here in Switzerland we annually have 780’000 tons of plastic waste, of which only 80’000 tons are recycled. Not exactly a favourable balance. Although we have no direct access to the sea, Swiss plastic can still pollute the oceans, since most of the waste from the mainland reaches the sea via sewers and rivers from the interior. In addition, almost all Swiss rivers and lakes contain microplastic particles, which carry harmful bacteria or contaminants and can for example cause inflammation in shellfish.

Well – do you feel like breaking up with plastic, too? I’ll definitely try it and will share my experiences here with you. I’m looking forward to interesting discussions and a step in the right direction.

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4 thoughts on “Breaking Up With Plastic

  1. Janine

    I couldn’t agree more! Living in Egypt these days and seeing the uncountable amount of plastic bottles, bags and wrapping papers just thrown on floor makes me even more sensitive to the topic. I have to fight every day in the grocery store that they put my groceries in my reusable bag and not in ten half filled plastic bags I would throw away at home anyway. Everybody should help to minimize plastic waste and rise awareness of the future harm. Sadly, public education in most countries about the topic is nearly inexistent and the governments label the problem as not that important because there is not (yet) any immediate impact visible….

    1. heartbridgeswritings

      Thank you for your thoughts sweetheart. You are right and I know you’re doing the best. I’m glad we have such a strong voice in a country where the majority doesn’t care that much, doesn’t know about it or has bigger issues than the environment…<3 You are wonderful!

    1. heartbridgeswritings

      It’s definitely something! 🙂 yeess we have that here too that we get charged in supermarkets, and apparently people buy 80 % less plastic bags – so it seems to work 🙂 hit Swiss people where it hurts – their beloved money hahaha. So happy to read from you, I’ve been working on the new concept for my blog (not even halfway through, but it’s fun) and just embracing love and life. How about you?? Will definitely catch up on your posts today, can’t wait! Happy Sunday!

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