Mindfulness Advent Calendar: Day 22

Day 22: Mindful Listening.


Welcome to day 22 of this mindfulness Advent calendar. Today I’d like you to listen mindfully whenever someone is speaking to you. How does it feel to just listen to this person? Can you observe a constant chatter in your mind, judging and pinning down what your counterpart ist saying? Are you thinking about a reply while you’re still listening? Do you manage to just listen with an open heart and mind?

How are you feeling now? Sometimes it’s more than enough if we lend our full presence to another person. And if we wish or are expected to reply, we may be surprised that the most helpful answers are unplanned and come right from our hearts.

I wish you a lovely 22th of December and will be back with more mindfulness tomorrow.


Advent season is supposed to prepare us for Christmas and bring calm, light, and joy to the dark winter days. However, December is one of the busiest months for most people and it seems almost impossible to find some rest. That’s why Heartbridges Writings has created this mindfulness Advent calendar. You will find a daily post with a picture and a suggestion for a small exercise, that should grant you a moment of calm even on the most stressful day. For more information check out my first post on the calendar.

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9 thoughts on “Mindfulness Advent Calendar: Day 22

  1. I am getting better at this. I think social anxiety has prevented me listening properly in the past as it makes me hyperaware of other stimuli and of my own anxiety.
    You are really good at this Martina. You always have a fresh approach and are a joy to read.

    1. So glad to hear you re getting better at this! I can only imagine how hard it is. I used to be very much in my head all the time so I never really understood what true listening is, and when I did a Universe of love opened up. Thank you so so much Darren!💛💞

  2. So true Martina. Our interactions are a theater but also the cement to tighten the link that binds us to others. We should learn to listen better. I would also echo the comments above. You are indeed a natural and inspiring teacher! ❤️

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