Mindfulness Advent Calendar: Day 12

Day 12: Mindful Kindness.


Welcome to day 12 of this mindfulness Advent calendar. Today I’d like you to simply do something kind for someone else. This can be a random, small act of kindness. Maybe you’d like to help the person next to you with a baby stroller to get on the tram, maybe you’d like to offer your seat to someone in the full evening train, or you compliment your collegue at work. You can also donate for a good cause or do anything else that feels comfortable for you. Maybe you can even choose something where you stay anonymous and the receiver of your kindness doesn’t know that you helped out. Try to focus on that other person’s happiness and see how it feels to genuinely wish for their best.

How are you feeling now? Kindness and compassion are – next to gratitude – the second high road to more joy in life. We were literally born and built to be kind. It brings us nothing but inner peace.

I wish you a lovely 12th of December and will be back with more mindfulness tomorrow.


Advent season is supposed to prepare us for Christmas and bring calm, light, and joy to the dark winter days. However, December is one of the busiest months for most people and it seems almost impossible to find some rest. That’s why Heartbridges Writings has created this mindfulness Advent calendar. You will find a daily post with a picture and a suggestion for a small exercise, that should grant you a moment of calm even on the most stressful day. For more information check out my first post on the calendar.

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