Mindfulness Advent Calendar: Day 7

Day 7: Watch Your Thoughts.


Welcome to day 7 of this mindfulness Advent calendar. Today’s exercise is all about finding your inner place of stillness. Take a small moment to sit or lay down and close your eyes. Then shift your attention to the sounds around you just like you did on day 2. Stay present with every sound that arises and fades away, as well as with the stillness around them. After a while shift your attention to your thoughts. Don’t get carried away by them, just mindfully watch them as they come and go, like clouds in the sky. Focus on the stillness and the space around the thoughts. Where do they come from? Where are they going?

How are you feeling now? Becoming aware of our thinking is one of the most essential steps on the journey to more inner peace. It allows us discover certain patterns, to do a reality-check (most of our thoughts are blunt lies) and to find some rest in our inner stillness.

I wish you a lovely seventh of December and will be back with more mindfulness tomorrow.


Advent season is supposed to prepare us for Christmas and bring calm, light, and joy to the dark winter days. However, December is one of the busiest months for most people and it seems almost impossible to find some rest. That’s why Heartbridges Writings has created this mindfulness Advent calendar. You will find a daily post with a picture and a suggestion for a small exercise, that should grant you a moment of calm even on the most stressful day. For more information check out my first post on the calendar.

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6 thoughts on “Mindfulness Advent Calendar: Day 7

  1. Thanks Martina. Today, unfortunately can seem to be able to stay still. It’s like I am seven years old again, pretty hard to concentrate. I am at the stage of frustration were all I can do is laugh about it. Will have to try this exercise tomorrow along with the new one you will suggest.

    1. Thank you so much Dominique! I love how you re bringing in some humour, sometimes I just can t do what I want and then it s usually best for me to accept things as they are, bring in a smile and remember that there will be plenty of new days to come👏🏽🌸💛😍💞😘 sending you love

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