Mindfulness Advent Calendar: Day 6

Day 6: Time For Some Warmth!


Welcome to day 6 of this mindfulness Advent calendar. It’s time for a hot drink! Whenever you find a moment today make yourself some tea, coffee or hot chocolate, let it cool down a bit, and sit in a comfortable place. Pay attention to the mug or glass before you start sipping your drink. What colours and shapes can you see? How do they make you feel? Bring the glass to your nose and inhale the smell of your drink with two or three deep breaths. Take it all in and stay present with the experience rather than thinking about it. Then take a sip and notice how the beverage feels on your lips and in your mouth, before you swallow it. How does it taste? Where can you taste it most intensely? Can you feel the warmth going down your throat? Can you feel it in your tummy? Keep on drinking mindfully until you’re satisfied.

How are you feeling now? There are plenty of small miracles in our daily lives that can nourish us, give us a feeling of solace and warm up our hearts – if only we’re mindful enough to let them…

I wish you a lovely sixth of December and will be back with more mindfulness tomorrow.


Advent season is supposed to prepare us for Christmas and bring calm, light, and joy to the dark winter days. However, December is one of the busiest months for most people and it seems almost impossible to find some rest. That’s why Heartbridges Writings has created this mindfulness Advent calendar. You will find a daily post with a picture and a suggestion for a small exercise, that should grant you a moment of calm even on the most stressful day. For more information check out my first post on the calendar.

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