Mindfulness Advent Calendar: Day 4

Day 4: Being grounded.


Welcome to day 4 of this mindfulness Advent calendar. Today is all about feeling grounded and “coming down to Earth”. Sit or lay down for a small moment and close your eyes. Feel the surface underneath you; the chair, the floor, the mattress or whatever it is you are resting on. Notice the weight of your body pressing down and take a couple of deep breaths. With every outbreath your muscles relax a little bit more and you sink deeper into the ground. Remember that you are safe.

How are you feeling now? To support the effect of this exercise you can nourish yourself with foods from the Earth today, like herbal teas or vegetable soups and remember that we find everything our bodies need to survive right beneath our feet.

I wish you a lovely fourth of December and will be back with more mindfulness tomorrow.


Advent season is supposed to prepare us for Christmas and bring calm, light, and joy to the dark winter days. However, December is one of the busiest months for most people and it seems almost impossible to find some rest. That’s why Heartbridges Writings has created this mindfulness Advent calendar. You will find a daily post with a picture and a suggestion for a small exercise, that should grant you a moment of calm even on the most stressful day. For more information check out my first post on the calendar.

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