Be Kind Today – To Yourself And Others.

Hello everyone

Today I’d like to share a poem that I wrote a couple of years ago when I lived abroad and felt as if the world was about to end:

“You can’t come
into my prison,

The demons
are pounding
against the walls

and waiting
to devour
my soul.

If I open up
just ajar
to let you in

they’ll destroy
you, me
and us.

And I know
that I’ ll face them

but you
can’t be my
collateral damage.”

I usually don’t go back to those dark days, but yesterday’s new moon is helping us to release emotional habits, and it’s part of the process that old feelings and memories rush through us. I was surprised that I remembered the words so clearly, they just came to my mind and I translated them from German.

They reminded me of how much we’re all scared and lost sometimes, and of how much we need kindness and compassion in order to survive. From ourselves and others. So be kind today, someone may be in desperate need of it.

I wish you all a great, wonderful and relaxing Sunday.

Much love,


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