How good are your mornings?

Practice gratitude to improve the start of your day

Hello everyone and good morning! Right? Or would you rather just spend it in bed, sleeping the day away, too?

It’s one of these weeks again: Monday morning and I already hit the snooze button of my alarm four times. Long gone are my resolutions to wake up gently with some tea and morning yoga; all I want is to postpone the start of my day for as long as possible. With big resistance I eventually get up in the last possible moment to catch the train to work, still drowsy with sleep. After reading some motivating book and drinking my coffee during the long train ride I finally feel alive, disconcerted by the struggle I went through. “What is wrong with you”, I ask myself. “You like your work, you have a good life, you’re blessed with so much love. You have plenty of reasons to get up.”

But on some days I just don’t feel it, any of it. I get disconnected and urge to escape reality by sleeping my days away until better ones come in an unknown future. I’m aware that a certain resistance in the morning to get up may be normal, but in my case there is more to it than a natural tendency to love warm, cozy beds. During the night my unconsciousness sneaks back the “life-is-exhausting-glasses” on my eyes through which I perceive reality from the moment I open my eyes. And guess what life is if you believe it to be exhausting? Right…Exhausting.

Over the past few years I’ve been more or less successfully experimenting with methods to free myself from these patterns, and the practice of gratitude proved itself to be one of the most effective ones. As simple as it may sound: Reminding myself of the blessings in life causes a shift of focus on the bright side and lets the feelings of joy, motivation and love arise in my heart. And that’s all I need to get out of bed in the morning, really.

I recently I came across a meditation on the YouTube channel “Unlock Your Life” that I’d like to share with you. It’s called “Morning Gratitude Positive Affirmations” and turned out to be really helpful. Here’s the video if you’d like to give it a try:

I’ve been listening to the soothing voice of the narrator and the empowering background music every morning for one week right after waking up to my alarm and I didn’t hit the snooze button once. I usually prefer meditations with less talking so that a shift from thinking to feeling can take place – but this one really worked anyway. So whether you’re disconnected from your inner source of joy, just a bit dull or simply struggling with the lack of sunlight during winter, these positive affirmations could really be of some help. I hope you enjoy the practice and it gives you an energy boost, too!

Wish you all a great weekend






8 thoughts on “How good are your mornings?

  1. Going to try this Martina. Mornings are hard for me. Getting up early is not only not my natural pattern but I am now having to get up in the dark and it is rubbish!

    Tell you what helps me massively. Lumie make a dawn-simulation alarm clock that gradually increases a daylight simulation light for half an hour before the audible alarm sounds. It is a much gentler way to wake up and usuall I wake just by the light alone. Doesn’t make me any happier about getting out of bed!

  2. The morning hours as early as 5:30 -6am flows into our space loving and peaceful energy, especially if your environment is clean. If we are able to shake off sleep, pray, meditate and become one with this invisible warmth we would be able to see how the rest of our day will fall in line with our true spirit consciously and what we create for our selves positively.We create our reality, let it be positive and impact our fellow beings as we journey through life.

    Be blessed!

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