To meditate or to say ‘fuck it’ – or to do both?

Fuck it? That doesn’t sound very meditative, does it?

I wanted my first blog post on healing practice to delicately unfold my deep dedication to meditation and explain why I’m convinced that only by practicing awareness we will be able to get the full experience of life. Alas, I didn’t get much inspiration to write deep words of wisdom lately. I’ve been much rather stuck thinking: Fuck it. Fuck all of this. Big time.

I’m currently in Egypt visiting my boyfriend’s family. He was born and raised here but has been living abroad for almost three years, so we come to Cairo twice a year to spend time with his loved ones. First of all: I am so blessed with his relatives and friends. Every time we’re here I feel loved and safe and get this great vibe of huge family gatherings and belonging. And also the food, I have to mention the delicious food.

That said, Egypt as a country can be rather challenging for a pampered Swiss girl. I don’t even know where to start – maybe best with the traffic: Not only are the streets jammed with millions of cars, there are also no rules what so ever, so that every ride on the ring road during rush hour results in an near-death-experience for me. The air-pollution is level I-can’t-see-the-stars-or-even-the-moon and every time I approach Downtown to grab a coffee or some food I start feeling nauseous and get these burning, red eyes.

The constant traffic jam also leads to a tremendous amount of noise – drivers in Cairo  use the horn as a replacement for blinkers, lights and breaks – and of course to huge delays. As a matter of fact the duration of a car trip is so unpredictable that people just kind of gave up on being serious about sticking to plans. Also Google Maps doesn’t work most of the time and the Egyptian mentality could be described as rather relaxed when it comes to timing (“I’ll be there in five to ten minutes” = “I’ll get out of bed in five to ten minutes”).

All of this makes me feel easily stressed out and disconnected, and the visible poverty as well as the millions of doomed stray animals in the streets are always giving me a heavy heart. So meditation should be the perfect remedy, right? Right… Just that I’m usually more in the mood to scream at everyone than to sit down quietly and fold my hands to praying position. But can I really just say ‘fuck all of this, I need a break’? Shouldn’t I be more concerned about my spiritual evolution and try to be present in every moment?

While I was half in earnest, half in jest pondering about these questions I came across a suggested video on YouTube with the title: “Fuck it & let that shit go / Emotional relief meditation”. Since I’m a firm believer in signs I opened it and gave it a try. And it was really something! Before the meditation I was in this grumpy, passive-aggressive mood and just ten minutes later I felt genuine relief and had a huge smile on my face. I’m quite familiar with the basic concept of focussing on the breath and using positive affirmations, but saying ‘fuck it’ to myself and being present while doing so made a real difference. I attached the video at the end of the post, if you’d like to see what it does to you.

Apparently, as the mediation teacher explains in the beginning of the video, some research shows that swearing is helpful for pain relief and management and there is even a clinical term for it: Hypoalgesic effect of swearing. Other studies proved general health benefits such as increase of blood circulation as well as an overall sense of calm and well-being. This meditation is not about dwelling in anger or being vulgar, it’s about grasping what is bothering you and systematically letting it go.

Aside from the swearing part I felt really comfortable with the teacher’s voice and her affirmations resonated with me. So I’ve been taking my daily time-out ever since and said: Fuck it – and just let that shit go. I advise you to do the same. Life is too short to hold on to stress, anxiety and bad thoughts.

I hope you’ll find some well deserved peace of mind, too, and wish you a great week! And don’t forget to tell me if you liked the meditation or not 🙂



7 thoughts on “To meditate or to say ‘fuck it’ – or to do both?

  1. You may have set a dangerous precedent for a girl who likes mantra meditation without the mantra. F* it is something I already use sparingly, because I have noticed that it means more if you only use it for situations that are truly hellacious. Never thought of using it as a mantra, but I could totally see it…

    1. 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to read! I was also surprised that it worked for me…Partially really because repeating f*it worked, and partially because I loved the rest of the affirmations and the background music in the video. At home (far away from Egypt) I don’t use it every day, but only when I really have something I just want to let go of. Maybe you’ll like it, too 🙂 Just checking out your page also, loving it so far <3

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